Wing It to Bring It – Is Hustle Enough?

I had to stop at the nearest Starbucks and crank this post out. I am a block from Amazon but a million miles away from ever being employed by Amazon but that is the good news.

Wing it to Bring It!

This post is about putting it out there and letting your grit shine through. 80% of the time I wing it. I have a plan at the beginning of each day, which is the other 20% but I have found you have to put it all out there, no fear, and wing it. I approach each day with a subtle curiosity, persuadable, and driven to make a connection!


Each minute wasted is a fruitless opportunity to do more, be more, and create more. The “more” you decide to create will not be the same “more” I decide to create but keep gritting it out and wing it.

Don’t know what to do?

Wing it and see what happens, seriously, get out there and bring it with consistent discipline.

Hustle is Not Enough?

I cannot stress enough the new economy, this economy was built on hustle. But if I could coin the next word that will replace “hustle” it would be a combination of winging it, discipline, curiosity, and persuadability — that is what it will take to be a lead in the next economy.

Nonetheless, how are you morphing your hustle today to create, connect, and collaborate as a leader in the future?

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