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Courage and Culture

Escape velocity is the velocity a business must have to escape the gravitational attraction of failure. In business, velocity takes the form of courage (speed) multiplied by culture (direction).
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Escape Velocity

Speed is ignorant of direction, so going fast without direction will lead to unfavorable results. Escape velocity is the balance of speed and direction to create the favorable outcome for your business.

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It takes courage to be in business, take on risk, and have an impact. To be successful it takes a lot of little steps that sum to hustle.

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At ascii27 we will give you direction and all the skills to take your team and eventually business to the next level.

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Keep it simple with disciplined execution


Leverage soft, hard, and technology skills combined with massive hustle will create success.

  • How you make your customers feel, especially mom.

  • The art of doing the work

  • The art of getting the most out of each day

  • Love technology and it is here to stay


Doug Garnes

Thoughtful sales leader, conscious entrepreneur, analytical and motivating mentor with the experience to drive value for SMB, NPOs, and Education customers.

Don't be mediocre, be "happy hour", be "rodeo," be "a lot of a lot," and create!

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